Doc Lounge Official Selection Autumn 2020!

Once again Doc Lounge is happy to present the Official Selection of Autumn ’20

—a quality mix of the very best, award-winning documentaries from all over the world. Throughout six fresh titles, we’ll get to know extraordinary characters and cultures from every continent. So while this falls selection might be smaller than usual, it still packs a punch: 

Alyx Ayn Arumpac’s Aswang, getting its name from a mythical monster in Philippine cultural lore, takes an unflinching look at how the Duterte administration’s war on illegal drugs in the Philippines has upended the lives of ordinary people and killed thousands. In Softie, Sam Soko’s documentary-feature debut, filmed over a 5-year span, we’ll become acquainted with Boniface “Softie” Mwangi as we follow his struggle to balance family while running for office in Kenya, and in Sweden and Uzbekistan, Magnus Gertten’s latest documentary Only The Devil Lives Without Hope follows brave activist Dilya, whom for years has been fighting against the corrupt Uzbek regime to have them release her innocent brother from a prison nicknamed The House of Torture. 

Swedish Jane Magnussons film Maddy The Model depicts Madeline Stuart and her mother fighting for inclusion in the fashion industry: Madeline has done several Fashion week seasons in New York, London, Paris and Dubai and been on the cover for countless of magazines, but still aren’t recognised as the groundbreaking model in which all regards she really is—the worlds first supermodel with Down syndrome.

In stranger-than-fiction The Jump, award-winning director Giedre Zickyte and real-life main character Simas Kudrika recreates the ten-feet jump from a Soviet- to American ship in the 1970’s, that would become a universal symbol of freedom. Lastly, Doc Lounge are proud distributors of Sven Blumes cinema debut, For Somebody Else, in which we follow three California women whom for varying reasons have decided to carry someone else’s child, as surrogate mothers.  

For a thorough look at each film of the Official Selection of Autumn '20, click here.

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