Doc Lounge is launching a new website for Leslie on Fire (Leslie Brinner)

As Swedish distributor for the film we are thrilled and happy to say that SVT is screening Leslie on Fire (Sv: Leslie Brinner) tonight, April 12th at 20.00, on SVT 2. It’s a fantastic film about dreams and adversities, willpower and patience, masculinity norms and the liberating power of creativity. So buckle up, prepare yourself with some good Friday snacks and beverages and promise us you won’t miss it!

In connection with the SVT screening we at Doc Lounge are launching a brand new website for Leslie on Fire. Here you’ll find all information about the film and how you can use the film as a tool for change.

With the film and the campaign Leslie on Fire we want to create space for a new male role, and in the long run contribute to increased gender equality. The film Leslie on Fire is suitable as a basis for norm-critical discussions and exercises on masculinity and the role of men, expectations and positive role models. With the film as a starting point, you can make patterns visible and reflect on what it means to be a young guy in Sweden today.

Together with us and our partners, you can participate in creating inspiring contexts, engaging screenings of the film, workshops and rooms for conversation.

So if this moves you: check out the website, book the film and become part of this great campaign!
Click here to visit https://lesliebrinner.se.