Doc Lounge in new partnership with Aktarr for the release of Oscar nominated The Cave!

We are very happy to announce a new and exciting partnership with Aktarr, the biggest and fastest growing media plattforms for arabic speaking in Sweden.

Together we are bringing the Oscar nominated documentary The Cave by Syrian filmaker Feras Fayyad to the Swedish audience through a series of exclusive pre-premier events in the first week of February.

With the great partnership with Aktarr we hope to reach out to a new and broader audience for Doc Lounge. Aktarr will host and moderate the discussion after the film at Doc Lounge in Malmö as well as help promote all six Doc Lounge screenings across Sweden.

Below you'll find a list of all Doc Lounge screenings of The Cave.

2020-02-04 Tampere Finland
2020-02-04 Oslo Norway
2020-02-04  Malmö Sverige
2020-02-04  Umeå Sverige
2020-02-04  Kristianstad Sverige
2020-02-05  Helsingborg Sverige
2020-02-05  Växjö Sverige
2020-02-06 Stockholm Sverige
2020-02-06  Oulu Finland
2020-02-25  Aarhus Denmark