Doc Lounge goes to Tempo Film Festival

Tempo Film Festival 2015 opened their doors earlier this week, with Fredrik Gertten's new documentary Bikes vs Cars (pictured above) as their opening film, and today a crew from Doc Lounge HQ is heading to Stockholm to take part in the festivities. The overarching theme this year is "the city", the festival features more than 129 documentaries and is spread out across nine different cinemas around Stockholm. In other words, we have a lot of films to see.

But it's not all pleasure, there's business to take care of as well - we'll be rushing between meetings all through our visit. There's also a big Swedish Doc Lounge meet-up planned, with representatives from all across the Swedish part of the network coming to Stockholm to discuss the past, present and future of Doc Lounge. We're so excited to see everyone and expect to return home to Malmö filled with creativity and inspiration!

If you would like to meet us at Tempo, or have a film you suggest we see, please get in touch with Maja or Andrea.