Doc Lounge Festival at Trädgården, Stockholm!

The best way to embrace the last bit of summer? The answer is of course to attend this weekend's Doc Lounge Festival at Trädgården, hosted by Doc Lounge Stockholm August 25-26!

The documentaries screened during the two days are Craigslist Allstars (Samira Elagoz), the story about performance artist Elagoz who deep-dives into Craiglist for encounters with strangers, and the Doc Lounge Official Selection film Tokyo Idols (Kyoko Miyake), about Rio, a Japanese "idol", and explores the obsession of her “brothers" - middle-aged male fans who follow her everywhere, online and IRL. In addition to this Japanese-German-Austrian art film Lovely Andrea will also be screened. The festival will also treat the visitors with performances, art and karaoke (and Tinder?!), so there's lot's to look forward to. 

We talked to Madde Edlund, one of the brains behind Doc Lounge Stockholm and the festival: 

Madde, what is happening at Trädgården this weekend? 

- Festival at Trädgården has become a yearly summer tradition in Stockholm. What ties the festival together this year is the films focus on sexualized women and the lonely men around them. All the filmmakers identifies as females and they are portraying this global cultural phenomenon on their own terms. We are working with the global sign for meeting point in our scenography and the feel of the festival. This two days festival will be a sweet mix of meet and greet, blind dates, Japanese rope bondage, idol hysteria and social experiments.

What should we have fear of missing out?
- You shouldn´t miss anything! The films, the Karaoke on Friday. But one thing I'm expecially exited about is that we have invited one of the creators of Peer Rope Stockholm to make a Shibari (Japanese rope bondage) performance. She will tie her partner up on a Bamboo pole before the films Craiglist Allstars and Lovely Andrea which both contains elements of Shibari. The art of rope will tie this evening together on Saturday.  

Doc Lounge Stockholm is on Tinder, who can date you? 
- Everyone involved in the summer festival this year is presented by a personal ad of their own choice (tinder, grinder, okcupid, craigslist) to emphasis how the festival is a general meeting point and place for human connections. Doc Lounge Stockholm wants to date everyone who wants to come and share this amazing weekend with us.

Who can come? 
- Anyone over 21 who wants to catch the last weekend of summer and experiance great documentary films, performance and art with us under the bar sky!

The magazine Totally Stockholm wrote a piece about the festival. Read it here!