Doc Lounge at Sheffield Doc/Fest

The Doc Lounge team are always on the look out for the best new documentaries to bring to our audiences across the Nordic countries. One of the key festivals for documentary in Europe is the UK's Sheffield Doc/Fest. With a strong film programme and lots of opportunities to hear about new developments and innovations in the media industries it's definitely worth the trip. The festival opened with Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer, a film that shows behind the bright costumes and riotous performances just how smart and courageous these young women really are. We also caught the skilfully made NCR: Not Criminally Responsible, which gets under the skin of a man who perpetrated a terrible violent crime whilst mentally ill... bringing the audience this difficult story in an incredibly sensitive and enlightening way. On a lighter note we had a good time watching The Great Hip Hop Hoax, the rise and fall of the Scottish musical duo who managed to convince the world ... for a while... that they were the freshest thing in American hip hop. Between films we found time to catch up with our friends from Robots in Residence, the Influence Film Foundation, and Distrify , amongst others, to talk about possible future collaborations. We hope you're all having a great summer and not missing your local Doc Lounge too much as we take our summer break. We look forward to bringing you a very special programme this fall.