Catch Sakawa screening at a Doc Lounge near you!

E-waste from the west, internet scamming and black magic. In SAKAWA, Belgian-Ghanaian director Ben Asmoah shows youngsters from Ghana who, out of desperation, turn to internet scams.

The film follows Ama, a young mother, who tries to become an internet con artist. A more seasoned scammer tries to teach her the craft, but she doesn’t appear to have much of a knack for it. One Dollar is a master at his craft and knows how to use his fake account to drive men crazy: they fall for the photo of a buxom woman—and for his high-pitched voice. But how much compassion can you expect from someone who is buying €250 worth of fish for his boss every week, while he is only earning €12 a month himself?

Read more about the film here.

Sakawa is part of Doc Lounges Official Selection for Autumn 2019. Two times a year, in January and August, Doc Lounge presents an Official Selection of new Nordic and international films. The Official Selection films are being screened at unique events around the Doc Lounge network in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark.

Watch it at:
30/10 - Doc Lounge Östersund
05/11 - Doc Lounge Malmö with the pre-film Swatted
13/11 - Doc Lounge Lund
02/12 - Doc Lounge Växjö

Screenings are made in collaboration with Moving Docs.