Book release on International Women's Day!

150 imprisoned women share their voices in the new book "Röster innanför murarna". Through their stories we get extraordinary insights in what it means to be a women and a human in a swedish prison. 

The book is edited by Jessica Nettelbladt and is a result from the prison tour carried out during 2017 as a collaboration between Jessica Nettelbladt, Doc Lounge and swedish prison service. During the unique tour in six womens prisons, screenings of the film MonaLisa Story was arranged together with live music and a creative workshop where the imprisoned women got the opportunity to share their stories and experiences. 

We are very proud to announce that the book will be released on International Womens day March 8! You can find the book at Bokus or email your order to Doc Lounge

The project is financed by Kultrbryggan and Lejoni Produktion.