Big release of JOZI GOLD in Sweden!

Jozi Gold is a documentary thriller directed by Fredrik Gertten and Sylvia Vollenhoven, about the terrifying effects of the gold mining in Johannesburg. We follow Mariette Liefferink, a relentless environmental activist and advisory committee member of the South African Human Rights Commission, as she tries to pressure government and mining companies to confront and fix what they’re responsible for: an environmental nightmare where thousands of tons of radioactive waste contaminates air and water in enormous areas of land. 

We are proud to announce that Doc Lounge will be the official Swedish distributor of Jozi Gold. The film will have its international premiere in competition at CPH:DOX on March 21. Main character of the film, Mariette Liefferink, and the two directors will then join as special guests during a tour of exclusive screenings and gala premieres across Sweden, before the official swedish cinema premiere on April 3. 

We now invite cinemas and other screening organisations to book the film. During spring, Doc Lounge will collaborate with various environmental organisations and other partners to use the film as a tool for raising awareness and create impact and discussions around the issue of mining and its effects on communities and environment. Interested in working with us for the release of the film? Get in touch! 

Press release in Swedish

More information on booking and screenings

Jozi Gold is produced by WG Film and the swedish release is made possible through funding from Swedish Film Institute and Swedish Postcode Foundation.