Author - The JT Leroy Story at Doc Lounge Live

We are happy to present Author: The JT Leroy Story as our last Doc Lounge Live- film of the year. Screened simultaneously on December 6 at Doc Lounge in Malmö and libraries and culture houses in Lomma, Båstad, Limhamn and Halmstad. The screening is combined with a live broadcast from Doc Lounge Malmö with special guest Tali Da Silva, cultural reporter at Swedish Public Radio. 

The incredible story of the literary it-boy, author and over night celebrity JT Leroy fascinated the whole entertainment scene in the late 90's and early 00s. Especially as it was discovered that Leroy was not a real person, but a fictive character made up by 40 year old Laura Albert that had fooled the media and everyone else for more than 10 years. 

Jeff Feuerzeig captures this story in a unique documentary, using archive material, animation and the words of Laura Albert herself, that throws the audience straight into one of the biggest literary scandals of our time. 

“Wildly entertaining and truly stranger than fiction.”

“A TIGHTLY WOVEN AND ALMOST UNBELIEVABLE YARN. A strange, existential and ultimately thrilling story of a woman donning identities with a degree of spy-novel ambition.”

“A tricky, fascinating look at the strange nexus of art, artifice, and the intoxicating cult of celebrity.”