Århus, next city to get a Doc Lounge!

The last couple of years new Doc Lounges have popped up all through Scandinavia. Last city to open up a new Doc Lounge this season is Aarhus, Denmark. After the opening on the 31st of March, we now have 14 Doc Lounges spread out across Scandinavia! With Doc Lounge in Aarhus we're connecting new and great cooperation partners to our network. Behind the initiative to open up Doc Lounge in Åarhus are Filmby Århus, Aarhus Filmfestival and the The Danish Filminstitut. Main attraction on the opening evening is the american documentary Life 2.0 picturing people living big parts of their lives within a virtual parallel world, Second Life. Bonus events for the evening are dj- performance by Tine and a short talk by Anders Colding, Denmarks first Internet psychologist. First beer is on the house! And then the bar will be open during the whole evening with coffee, tea, water, beer and snacks. If you don't want to miss out on this evening, and make sure you're one of the max 150 people allowed in the venue, send an email to Karen and we'll put you on a guest list. Read more about the event and/or the film