All this Panic - a celebration of youth culture!

In the wake of last years SKAM frenzy, Doc Lounge clubs all over our network have been celebrating youth culture and the girl gang with screenings of the awarded documentary All this panic.

"A tribute to all teen girls" - Dazed Digital 
"The most relatable film about teenage girlhood ever?" - The Guardian

The previous events have included a feministic girl choir (Doc Lounge Malmö), jello shots and beer pong tournament (Doc Lounge Aarhus), ice cream eating and concert with Gipo Music (Doc Lounge Lund), DJ playing nostalgic teenage songs (Doc Lounge Göteborg) and a quiz (Doc Lounge Oslo).

This week it's time for the two final events with the film, so hurry up and buy tickets if you're located in Stockholm or Helsingborg.