You are Teddybears

John Boisen & Björn Fävremark, 63 min, Sweden.

You are Teddybears is a humorous and colorful portrait of one of Swedens most influential bands ever, Teddyberas Sthlm. In this film we get to know the faces behind the familiar bear masks. But what's inside bear masks? What do they want? Who are they? Are they even real? You are Teddybears is a nature experience with the strongest bear of them all; Teddybears Stlm.

For 25 years, the eccentric trio consisting of Patrik Arve and the brothers Joakim and Klas Åhlund, has been an influential part of the Swedish music scene. With its distinctive synth-rock sound with influences of punk, reggae and jazz Teddybears music has been the soundtrack to many sweaty club nights. It's really  a challenge to make a documentary about a band with so many musical branches and interesting collaborations. The directors John Boisen and Björn Fävermark has really succeeds in making a punk film full of improvisation and madness. The restless Teddybears has never been so sharp. 

John Boisen and Bjorn Fävremark have worked together for nearly ten years. Their filmography includes short films, documentaries and music videos. One of their biggest successes is the documentary 2 steg från Håkan, a film about one year in the famous Swedish artist Håkan Hellström's life. You Are Teddybears is their third music documentary.