Wind on the Moon

Seung-Jun Yi, 100 min, South Korea.

What’s life like if you’re born deaf and blind? The 19-year-old South Korean girl Yeji is barely able to communicate. She and her mother have been together almost constantly for years, but at last Yeji has been admitted to a special school for the blind. Yeji and her mother are very close indeed, so it’s a tense time for both of them. After all, Yeji’s mother is the only one who knows how much her daughter enjoys being in the car and loves the sense of weightlessness in the sea. But explaining everyday things to Yeji is difficult. How do you let her know that suddenly pulling off her pants isn’t okay, or that there’s no reason to be scared of leaving fingerprints? This fly-on-the-wall documentary records Yeji’s daily life, and we see from the very first scene just how strange that life must be. Lacking key senses means the most mundane of matters can be a very different prospect: some are intensified, while others aren’t even experienced.