Vårt brott heter ansvar

RE:Think Production, Daniel Lindqvist, Tove Rosander, 28 min, Sweden.

Five people decide to break in to a Swedish weapons dactory, hell bent on destroying the weapons that are inside. They want to spark a discussion concerningen the Swedish weapons export, a business that has been left to grown in the dark, year after year. They quit their jobs, sell their appartments and are ready to devote their lives to this. But can one really break in to a heavily guarded weapons factory, and how do one really dismantel a weapon?

If they succeed, not only do they risk time in prison, they will also be subjects to heafty fines. If they are found guilty and sentenced to pay the fines, they will have to live on the scrapes for the rest of their lives, in order not to pay the weapons factories. This fact is something that makes this mission a lifelong one.