Jannik Splidsboel, 66 min, Argentina, Denmark.

Together is the tale on how two Scots-Italian brothers, Andrea and Luca Prodan, ended up in Argentina, with years apart.

With the band Sumo, Luca became a major rock star in Argentina till his sudden death in 1987.
Some time after Andrea gave up a promising acting career in Italy and moved to his beloved brother's Argentina.
Now Andrea is working as a performer and radio DJ. He goes on a trip through the country playing music and spotting new talent. On the journey Andrea is constantly confronted with the memories of his legend brother, which makes him start asking questions about his own and his family's destiny.

Together portrays an unusual family with extraordinary destinies - it's filled with brotherhood, loss, denial and love. The director Jannik Splidsboel tells the tale in a sensitive and subtle way that makes us realize how important roles we all play in our own lives.