Thin Ice

Håkan Berthas, 57 min, Sweden.

Dolkar is the only one in her family who has been given a chance to study. She studies at the Secmol School. The director of the boarding school supports the girls wish to play ice hockey. When the next year's tournament is approaching the girls make a new attempt to enter. They have to solve problem by problem: Thin Ice, bad equipment, no coaching. Finally when they find the American coach Deb, they travel over the mountain to the Muslim village Kargil and create a joint team. Side by side the Buddhist and Muslim girls challenge the men in charge. When they finally are allowed to take part in the competition, they still have to fight for their rights both on the ice and beside the rink. The men don't like Dolkar and her team, so they change the rules and push the girls around. Due to the injustices there is chaos with boycott and new wild protests. Dolkar is risking her education and reputation by leading the protests. But then she also becomes the important bridge between the Buddhist and the Muslim society in Ladakh.