The Source Family

Maria Demopoulos, Jodi Wille, 98 min, USA.

It's 1971, and alternative lifestyles and new religions are on the rise. Source family is a "tribe in the sign Aquarius," a secretive group of one hundredforty young people strolling along Los Angeles streets in colorful costumes. They are followers of the spiritual leader Father Yod, a man with fourteen wives, and an own psychedelic rock band. Maria Demopoulos and Jodi Wille's documentary portrays a time when the public was allowed before the individual. Through the use of archival images, home recordings and sound recordings, this film works as a personal guide to one of the 70's counter-movements. 

The Source Family had its premiere at SXSW and has been acclaimed by the American media. Maria Demopoulos is a director. Jodi Wille is a filmmaker, editor and photographer who has long worked on documenting American subcultures.