The Last Circus Princess

Åsa Sjöström, 58 min, Sweden.

Simona is the seventh generation taking over the traditional family circus. Will she be the last circus princess?

Simona is a young woman fighting against all odds. In The Last Circus Princess she transforms from a vulnerable and insecure teenager to a strong and independent woman, fighting for her own way of life. A journey full of complexity and confusion.

For her entire life Simona has been traveling with the family circus from town to town performing to an audience giving her admiration. But slowly the circus life is declining, and Simona will have to make a choice. Either she continues to carry the legacy of the circus by becoming the seventh generation of artists. Or she breaks the long family tradition and steps into an unknown life outside the circus.

The Last Circus Princess tells a story about a dying artform and a young girl, who knows nothing else than living and working in the circus. A couple of years back they were three generations traveling with the circus. Now they are two. Will Simona be the last?