The Inertia Variations

Johanna St Michaels, 85 min, Sweden, United Kingdom.

The documentary follows musician Matthew Johnson, known from 80's post-punk band The The . Matt has remained outside the limelight for almost 15 years, but is now determined to make a 12-hour live radio broadcast under the English election on politics, life and music. With his ex-wife, the Swedish documentary filmmaker Johanna St Michaels, behind the camera, Matt opens up on his 15-year break from the music and his the creative journey.

Inspired by John Tottenham's poem, "The Inertia Variations", we get an insight into Matt's thinking and in the loss of his younger brother and the impact on his career. Matt's conversations and radio interviews with artists, his family and activists, are centered on creativity and touched on the topics that most main media do not dare to approach.