Stepfather and the Demon

Jesper Lake, 67 min, Sweden.

How does one grow up to be a balanced person in the shadow of a self-centered and flighty stepfather? Jasper Lake’s intimate documentary is much more than a public therapy session about a father-son relationship: it is a journey to happiness, a lesson in living in the moment and in taking responsibility. Meeting Alexander, the stepfather who raises emotions, after years of separation is an eye-opening experience for the director. His preconceptions and attitude change, and the stepfather starts to transform from a menace into a friend.
In the film, Lake does not merely acquaint himself with his stepfather and his lifestyle. He also learns about himself by confronting his greatest demons: meeting his stepfather teaches Lake to face his fears and to turn hardship into a triumph. Working out one relationship gives a spark for mending others, too: Alexander decides to meet his own father after 20 years. The idea of having courage to face one’s demons becomes reality.