She's Blond Like Me

Fia-Stina Sandlund, 90 min, Sweden.

The artist Fia-Stina Sandlund and actress Alexandra Dahlström meet at Arlanda airport one day in June for an audition. Three days later they'll make a performance at Venedigbinnalen in the form of an interview. Alexandra, in the role of Julie, will be answering questions about Fia-Stina’s feature project "She's Wild Again Tonight" - which is a contemporary interpretation of August Strindberg's famous play - ”Fröken Julie”. 

The preparatory work for the interview will be produced during three days. Fia-Stina will brief Alexandra about the project and the nature of Julie. It turns out that Alexandra, just like Fia-Stina, has many similarities with the character they are trying to create - they have both felt stigmatized in the role of radical feminists. Alexandra as the rebellious teenage girl from Lukas Moodysson's ”Fucking Åmål”, and Fia-Stina as the artist who couped the Miss Sweden contest during live television in 2001. Fia-Stina and Alexandra studies, rehearses, and shares  sunscreen, and during this time they build a unique confidence toward one another. All preparations are filmed as part of the audition. On the day of the performance, the expectations are at their peak. But suddenly a minor catastrophe occurs that forces the appearance to take an unexpected turn. Could it be the ghost of Strindberg, haunting the production?