Anastasia Lapsuy, Johannes Lehmuskallio, Markku Lehmuskallio, 74 min, Finland.

In this philosophically poetic film by Markku Lehmuskallio, Anastasia Lapsui and Johannes Lehmuskallio, the concept of sacredness is approached from various angles. Representatives of different religions and various indigenous peoples, as well as researchers, reflect on the topic. What is sacredness, and what can be considered as sacred? Sacredness is not something only reserved for the divine, but can also be found in history and in nature. The forest, the animals, ancient cave paintings, one’s own mother: all this can be sacred, reflecting the sacredness of life itself.

The tranquility and beauty of the camera work also exudes a sense of sacredness, visible even to the non-religious viewer. An elk roaming the forest, a desolate cliff, and the powerful elements of wind and water suddenly seem everything but ordinary. And even though the sacred and the sublime are often seen as opposites to that which is ordinary and everyday, in this documentary the two worlds exist side by side. Said for example by human rights activist Maryan Abdulkarim, the thought of sacredness existing in every human being is of great comfort and importance in this day and age.

- Sirje Niitepõld / DocPoint-festival, Translation: Ulrika Sundelin

Languages: Finnish, English, Nenets
Subtitles: English