Pine Ridge

Anna Eborn, 76 min, Sweden, USA.

Lance Red Cloud hangs out behind the gas station at night. Daniel runs close sweats under the sun at Wounded Knee memorial site. Kassel Sky Little puts his boots on at The Water Rodeo... It is summer and they all live here, at the Pine Ridge Resarvation in Sounth Dakota, USA.

Through a strings of scenes, we meet the young inhabitants and their every-day-life at Pine Ridge. The scenery is grand and the link to the earth is ever present, as it has been for the natives for generations. In contrast, there is a sense of resignation, boredom and social misery. An inborn sense of alienation that no one can shake off. Through long takes, with the camera as a silent witness, we are taken on an unnarrated journey where the pictures talk for them selves.

Anna Eborn's feature debut is an important film, both melancholy and beautiful, about a part of the world most of us never come into contact with.