Eveliina Pasanen, 30 min, Finland.

Wrestling Dreams (2016) is a story of a daughter and a father, and their journey towards father's last wrestling competition.

When Eveliina Pasanen was a child, her father Jorma Pasanen tried to teach her to wrestle, but after a while it turned out to be a lost cause. When the training ended, Jorma and Eveliina were left with nothing in common.

69 years old Jorma Pasanen decides to attend world wrestling championships one last time. When he turns 70, he can no longer get the medical permission that is needed to attend. When Eveliina hears about her father's plans, she takes a chance to explore the world of wrestling through her father's practicing, and decides to be his coach.

Training process faces difficulties not only because Eveliina hasn't wrestled since she was 6 years old, but also due to Jorma's reluctance to take advices from his daughter. Situation escalates to battle of wills that doesn't stay on the wrestling mat.