Ola Svensson Superstar

Stefan Berg, 57 min, Sweden.

Ola Salo, front man for Swedish glam rock band The Ark is used to strutting his stuff in gold lamé, so taking a year off to lead the Malmö Opera’s revival of Jesus Christ Superstar doesn’t seem like much of a stretch. Aren’t rock god and messiah cut from the same cloth? Ola’s hiatus from the band gives him the chance to take driving lessons, confront his celebrity and face his greatest fear. Ola Svensson Superstar doesn’t just go behind the scenes, but beneath the surface of the rock idol persona to shed light on the bisexual man who both basks in and balks at his fame. Over two years, we watch as Ola challenges his career choices and takes the ultimate personal risk: showing his whole self to the world.