Match Me!

Lia Jaspers, 90 min, Germany, Austria, Italy, Lithuania, Ireland, France, Switzerland, Finland, Czech Republic.

Let’s be honest: nothing in love is natural any more. The plurality of relationship models often makes it hard for people to find a partner. This is where matchmakers come in. But the problems continue when it comes to choosing the right matchmaking method. Munich-based artist Johanna relies on a traditional third-generation Irish matchmaker, who opens his big, tattered volume of candidates in the pub and mostly follows practical considerations. Sarah from Vienna sets out into the Italian Alps, where meditation devotees from across the globe let a jury foretell which two souls will find harmony. In Helsinki, where the taciturn moustache fan Sampsa tries his luck, almost all known ideas are thrown overboard in favour of performative motto dates like “Breaking the Rules” or “The Lives of the Others”.
Filmed with a sense of humour and absurd nuances, we follow the three protagonists on their more or less romantic adventures. But a mere date is not the end – the match is followed by a practice trial. Where is the path that leads to a shared future? Getting to know each other first and then … well, what? Or better to marry first and work on love later? In elegantly intermeshed episodes the film invites the audience to a comparison with their own ideas of partnership.