Living with Boko Haram

Trond Waage, Mouadjamou Ahmadou, 36 min, Norway, Cameroon.

Boko Haram have spread terror and violence throughout the Lake Chad region since 2009 (Nigeria, Niger, Cameroon, Chad). The material destruction is beyond imagination, many have lost loved ones, and hundreds of thousands have fled their homes. An enormous, but still unknown, number of young girls and boys have been killed by Boko Haram or have disappeared.

This film tries to approach consequences of terrorism following a mother and her son over a dramatic period of 6 months (in 2015). In this period is Boko Haram’s violent insurgency getting closer and closer to the village Mogodé, on the Cameroon-Nigerian border, where the mother, Antoinette lives. The son Vakote, who lives in Oslo, Norway, tries as well as he can to follow the situation back home and to support his mother.