Lgh + bil + allt jag har och äger

Clara Bodén, 48 min, Sweden.

Lgh + bil + allt jag har och äger is an evocative journey of research into Sweden's urbanization, the common occurance of moving away from your place of birth and place as a form of accessory. Private memories, vistas of Sweden's mountains and car trips through lonely roads are mixed with interviews and personal reflections on growing up in a country where the urban is the norm.

In the director's own words:

"I don't think I'm anything more than Jämtland," my little sister says one day. "Of course you are", I answered, thinking that what she just said had a clear lack of vision. For a long time afterwards, I think about that answer. Like if I know what it is like to be more or less than Jämtland.

That's where the project was born. I think about the way I once thought. All my friends, how certain we thought we were when it came to move away or to stay. With the certainty we did leave. I would have wanted someone to ask me if place is a kind of accessory. I would have wanted someone to show me their thoughts about place, not just our own and the ones impressed on us by outside forces.

TT moved all their offices from northern Sweden to Stockholm, saying that geographic place no longer matters. "As we all know, changes in norms start in urban areas and are then spread throughout the country" is a sentence found in Swedish newspaper DN in 2013. Does that mean that some people are living in places where no changes in norms can actually happen? What kind of people are associated with these places where "no change happens"?

Lgh + bil + allt jag har och äger is a documentary, an exhibition, a book and a quantitative material on the meaning of place. It has been nominated for the Swedish film award Guldbaggen for best documentary of 2014.