Jag Är Fan En Panter

Leo Palmestål, Anders Rundberg, Jennifer Jerez, 88 min, Sweden.

Biskopsgården in Gothenburg has been hit by several gunshots which resulted in deaths. Young people in the area refuse to stand by and watch while the world around them collapses. They require participation in the decisions taken by politicians and officials. They want to create a shift in power which means more power to the people. In recent years, therefore, the movement Panthers - for rehabilitation of the suburb, has emerged as a positive counterforce. 

Jag Är Fan En Panter is documenting the Panthers through joy and sorrow in their struggle for social justice. Among other things, we take advantage of the spectacular May Day celebration with Bobby Seale of the Black Panthers as a guest one year, the funeral of a victim of gunfire DEVICES, trips to Husby and Rosengård and author John Anyurus work with Panther printer group.