Ingen sommar utan krom

Annelie Olsson, 53 min, Sweden.

The greasers of the 60´s had the reputation of being like thigs and almost criminal, but nowadays the hole thing has been established like a culture of it´s own. The greasers culture with long living hotbed in Sweden attracts not only car enthusiasts. Ain´t summer without chrome is about the culture of cruising around in big old shining cars. In Lysekil, at the west coast of Sweden, where the sun reflects in the sea, as well as in the cars' paintwork and chrome, we meet those whith big love for their cars, and almost add all their time on the right finish and tenderly cherishing their darlings. But it's about so much more than that - it's music, clothing, community, and not at least the excellent skills and interests. 

Ain´t summer without chrome is a documentary film mostly shot during the cruising in Lysekil during Midsummer Day 2014. The film company Pension Granliden Production AB has produced the movie in corporation with the association Lysekil in our Hearts. If someone would ask the question "Why make a film about cars and their owners?" Annelie Olsson, the director, would answer "If you have the chance to go for a slow ride, in an old big American car together with your best mates you´ll never forget the sound of the V8 engine, the Rockabillymusic from the stereo and the smell of the mix of Wonderbaums and gas…"