Gayby Baby

Maya Newell, 85 min, Australia.

At a time when the world is questioning the politics of same-sex families, GAYBY BABY takes us into the homes and personal dramas of four kids approaching puberty under the guidance of gay parents.

In his all-female household, GUS strives to work out what it means to be a "man"; EBONY struggles to find her voice as a singer and a place where her gay family will be accepted; MATT questions how the God his lesbian mums worship can also damn them to hell; and GRAHAM’s desire to read and win the approval of his dads is complicated by a move to Fiji, where homosexuality is frowned upon.

Told from the point of view of the kids, GAYBY BABY is a living, moving portrait of same-sex families that offers a refreshingly honest picture of what really counts in modern life.