Forever Yours x3

Susani Mahadura, 15 min, Finland.

Forever Yours x3 is a documentary short film about love and letting go. The playful, fun and quick-witted film tells the story of a 64-year-old mother, a three-time divorcée who is still looking for love, although not willing to walk the aisle anymore. The mother’s story features three husbands at different stages of her life. Forever Yours x 3 invites the viewer to question the meaning of holy matrimony in a way that’s fun and inviting. The film features funny re-enactments of Mom’s love affairs animated in clay. The viewers find themselves in a colorful new world, a world which reflects the main character’s attitude towards life. A world where love can change its form like clay and heartache isn’t anything that you couldn’t eventually look back at with a smile on your face.