Finisterre: A Film About London

Paul Kelly, Keran Evans, 59 min, UK.

Finisterre is a hymn to London that takes us on a journey from the suburbs to the heart of the city, with a mesmerizing score by dance music pioneers Saint Etienne. The city has long been a source of influence, stimulation and curiosity for the band, and the film is a poignant `psycho-geographical' drama that celebrates the English capitol in all its seediness and glory. Exploring the dreams the city holds for so many alongside the reality of urban life, the result is an extraordinary record of London today.

The film was originally conceived as a visual accompaniment to the Saint Etienne album of the same name, but soon evolved into something altogether more substantial. It became an entirely independent project that took shape through its unique development. Sequences were projected as live visuals behind the band on their Finisterre tour, and the completed film has played to festival and cinema audiences worldwide.