Ebbe – The Movie

Karin af Klintberg, Jane Magnusson, 90 min, Sweden.

Ebbe - The Movie is a film about one of Sweden's most ruthless social climbers. Ebbe was a master at creating a myth about himself and in a time mired in a fragile and corrupt political system he managed to get himself into the corridors of power. When Minister of State Olof Palme was murdered Ebbe took charge of the investigation - without any form of experience, without any relevant education. With only a few years left to live he betted everything.

Ebbe - The Movie is a piece of complex modern history that asks questions about power and the media, personal responsibility and career. We get to hear politicians, journalists, police, public servants, authors, publishers and media analysts who together paint us a picture of a Sweden losing its innocence and turning into an ordinary European country - for good or for worse.