Det var en gång på riktigt

Charlotta Copcutt, 29 min, Sweden, Chile.

Once Upon a Hill is a poetic documentary with animations based on comic strips by four kids in Valparaiso, Chile. The film targets children between 8 and 13 years of age and deals with subjects such as family relations, death, childrens’ books and freedom of expression.

Views towards the sea, insights into secret rooms, going down to town, diving into books. In this playful documentary we follow four children in their daily life, on the top of a hill in the Chilean coastal town of Valparaíso. Poetic photography takes us through changes of moods, winds, weather and thoughts.

Being little, being big, being strictly brought up or not having a friend. The childrens’ storytelling is strengthened by their own reality based comic strips and it all culminates with the printing of their own magazine.