Crime City Love

Klara Levin, 56 min, Sweden.

CRIME CITY LOVE is the documentary about AlottaRiot, BitterFit, Bobicat and Fenix who gets absorbed by the Roller Derby life. They play in the league of Malmö, Sweden; the Crime City Rollers. They skate, sweat, hit, fall and get up again. Roller Derby is a sport and a sub culture, a paralell world with its own rules. They have found a free zone where women have all the power, and there they want to stay.

But Alottas family needs her, Fenix falls in love, Bobicat wants to get away from loneliness and Bitter suddenly cant practise any more. Roller Derby is their biggest passion, but can it be the whole life? Can they find the balance between the dream world and every day life?