#Chicagogirl - The Social Network Takes on a Dictator

Joe Piscatella, 74 min, Netherlands.

That social media can play a big role in the modern revolutions have we heard that before, but it's new and interesting about the documentary #Chicagogirl - The Social Network Takes on a Dictator's film anmärkniongavärda protagonist - a 19 year old girl in the Chicago suburb.

From her room outside Chicago uses 19-year-old Ala'a social media to coordinate the revolution in Syria. Armed with Facebook, Twitter, Skype and mobile cameras, she helps her network on the ground in Syria among bombardments, and simultaneously shows the world how human rights violations during the dictatorship. But just because the world can see the violence does not mean that the world can help, so while the revolution progresses, everyone in Ala'a's network decide which is the most effective way to fight a dictator.