Carmen Meets Borat

Mercedes Stalenhoef, 85 min, Netherlands, Romania.

Carmen Meets Borat is a documentary about 17-year old Carmen whose life is turned upside down when Borat comes to her village. Remember the good times, the laughter and the funny imitations in the film Borat? Remove all that fun and games and what you have left is a poor village, devastated by a brutal and ungrateful film crew.

Carmen dreamt about escaping her life in the Romanian village of Glod. There are few job prospects there, especially for Carmen after her mother convinced her to drop her to studies to work at the family owned store. While her parents wants her to marry her boyfriend and give them grandchildren, the only thing Carmen herself wants is to move to Spain, become rich and meet new people. When a film team offers to pay the villagers to be allowed to film in Glod, the people living there agrees. After all, they are getting paid $2,50 each...

As the cameras roll, the villagers - who don't understand a word of English - laughs in good faith straight into the camera. Their elation is turned sour when they gather around the TV to see the finished film for the first time. The world press throw themselves at the village and jealousy and suspicion spread like wildfire through the community. To add fuel to that fire, an American lawyer suddenly offers to sue the people behind Borat for $30 million.