Bröderna Salazar

Tobias L. Nordquist, 58 min, Sweden.

During the 90's Chepe and Salla Salazar was very current in one of Sweden's most influential hip-hop group, The Latin Kings. Nearly twenty years later, they run, together with Masse Salazar, their own record label and producing music for some of the biggest hip-hop talents.
In 1994, The Latin Kings made one of their first television appearances. The same program presented another new group; Ultima Thule. It was a time marked with The Laser man terror, burnt refugee centers and New Democracy's success. 
Along with Dogge Doggelito the brothers Salla and Chepe Salazar became strong symbols. They had to represent not only their own music but also BOTKYRKA, suburban phenomenon and sometimes all immigrants. The Latin Kings were marked with the mic for many who rarely appeared or was heard in the media. 
Nearly two decades later, the Salazar brothers has a new generation of artists under their wings and Redline studio is a hub for young people today who wants to go in for hip-hop. How do Salla and Chepe Masse see their work and its influence on today's musical and political climate? What has actually happened with music Sweden since the first gig?