Banksy Most Wanted

Aurélia Rouvier, Seamus Haley, 90 min, France.

Banksy is a household name, but behind this name hides a multitude of stories, artworks, stunts, political statements and identities, leading to one of the art world’s biggest unanswered questions- who is Banksy? Thanks to his anonymity people have been able, for more than 25 years, to claim his work, either legally or emotionally, and to fantasize about who is hiding behind this name. 

Through the testimonies of those who know him and have worked with him, but also of those who exploit him, hunt him down, claim him… Banksy Most Wanted draws an in-depth portrait of this masked Robin Hood. Each of these investigations reveals a facet of the artist and his political views – his commitment to environmental causes or political refugees – his links with the music scene, his entrepreneurial side. They also question our relationship to identity in our society. Do we need to know the artist’s name to appreciate the artwork?