Allt vi äger

Emily Norling, 74 min, Sverige.

Heart-warming but also woeful about substance abuse and codependency where we travel between Stockholm’s metro stations, detox clinics, and public toilets.

A backpack with the anarchistic message ‘Everything we own we carry with us’ captures Emily’s interest in the metro system. The man wearing the backpack is called Curtis and is a heroin addict and homeless. Their meeting becomes the start of a strong friendship and together with the younger Johan – also a homeless addict – they form an unexpected trio. The angst-ridden Emily understands their darkness, and Johan and Curtis can in turn joke about her without causing insult. But the border between friendship and exploitation can sometimes be minute and as the bonds grow stronger, Emily is drawn into a deep codependency. Can she love her friends unconditionally without offering herself?

Emily Norling / Sweden / 2019/ 74 minuter