A Separation

Karin Ekberg, 72 min, Sweden.

They have been married for 38 years. Over the past 15 years they have been sleeping in separate bedrooms. Now one of them want divorce. The villa is already on sale. Can you throw the wedding dress in a container? And what do you do with the crystal glasses nobody wants? In her first documentary Karin Ekberg follows her parents with the film camera for a year of their lives. A year where nothing is the same.

We meet them for the first time in what was once their shared home. Things will be divided. Rooms desolate, occasional furniture here and there. The mother has already moved and now it's just the last one left. "You want it or not? You've never liked it! " It's nervy. Tense. The father wears out stuff in the car, stops and want to remember, look for feelings that once existed. That does not the mother want, impatient to get away. 

What happens between two people who are different? Att Skiljas is a tragicomic documentary that portrays the very last acts of a long marriage. A film about the search for a tentative beginning in what is finally and unfortunately - is over.