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Working in flexible non-cinema spaces, Doc Lounge have always done things a little differently, creating innovative events and breaking down barriers to audience interaction. Because of this we're perfectly placed to work with transmedia storytellers to bring their work to new audiences. This project, supported by Nordisk Kulturfond, will allow Doc Lounge project managers from our clubs in Malmö, Aarhus, and Helsinki, to deepen their knowledge of transmedia documentary, to find new ways to present these innovative stories, and to share this knowledge with our wider network. We have held public events related to this project during Nordisk Panorama - Robots in Residence (supported by Malmö Stad) - and during the Aarhus Film Festival - 48 Hour Games (supported by Shareplay).

During Doc Lounge Transmedia, project managers from our Nordic network attended festivals and conferences that were presenting new transmedia and interactive documentaries. In September 2015 they came together to present their research at a seminar and discuss how we can share work in the future with transmedia. 

As part of the project, the project managers have written up the following reports from their transmedia excursions.

  • Transmedia, DOCLAB and Doc Lounge - Karen Rais-Nordentoft attended DOCLAB during the International Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam and discuss her own experiences with the transmedia work 48 Hours Games.
  • Transmedia, Cats and Strangers in Amsterdam - Laura Klindt Nielsen blogged about her transmedia experiences at IDFA and DOCLAB.
  • The Tempo Transmedia Lounge - Sofia Ericsson went to the Transmedia Lounge, set up during Tempo Documentary Festival in Stockholm, and found out just how important the venue is when presenting transmedia works.
  • Storyscapes, hurricanes and robots - Andrea Arvidsson visited the Storyscapes exhibition held at the Tribeca Film Festival and found herself charmed by small robots made out of cardboard.
  • Spinning in 360 - New to the Transmedia World - Finish co-ordinator Emilia Wahlberg writes about her discovery of transmedia, the Polar Sea 360 project and the Transmedia Meet Up at Nordisk Panorama 2015.
  • Method over Medium - Doc Lounge board member Anna Ljungmark (House of Reel) writes about the potential transmedia has for the future development of Doc Lounge and stresses one of our main learnings. Transmdia is a method, not a medium. 

You can read the report of the project here 

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