Doc Lounge training workshop in Georgia – Pilot project

An unique exchange between the Nordic countries and the Caucacus region in new project between Doc Lounge, Noosfera Foundation and documentary film festival CinéDOC-Tbilisi. 

In collaboration with the Noosfera Foundation, Doc Lounge will produce and arrange a 2-day training workshop for regional film coordinators in Georgia and the Caucasus region. The workshop will take place during CinéDOC-Tbilisi in May 2017 and focus on audience development, press, marketing and event production. Three Doc Lounge project managers will attend the workshop to share their knowledge and experiences, as well as bring back knowledge and inspiration from the Georgian participants to their Doc Lounge collegues. In autumn 2017 the regional coordinators in Georgia will use their learning’s by organising film screenings in the region, focusing on films that could help to shape opinion and encourage discussion of human rights issues and relevant topics for the Georgian society. 

The aim of the project is to share with the Georgian film community the Doc Lounge expertise in event management, audience development and knowledge in how to run a screening network. Further on, the project strives to help the participants improve the impact of their own work, as well as strengthen democracy in Georgia through film screenings and debates. The project is also a way for Doc Lounge to widen it’s international network, for the Doc Lounge staff to develop and deepen their own understanding of the complex world we live in today and to get inspired and challenged to do things in new ways. 

Citat Ileana Stanculescu, Director Noosfera Foundation: 
"Doc Lounge is a network of organizations and persons who organize film screenings in any other venue than cinemas. They are very creative when it comes to the selection of original venues for film events: for example they screen films even in swimming pools or in sports bars. We think their experience will be very inspiring for our regional coordinators, because there are very few cinemas left in Georgia. We are very happy that we cooperate with Doc Lounge and that we can learn from each other's experiences. Who knows? maybe one day we will build up a regional network in the Caucasus too, together with partners in Armenia and Azerbaijan, same like Doc Lounge has built up a great network in the Scandinavian countries."

Ilja Stenberg, Doc Lounge producer of training workshop Tbilisi: 
"I believe that we who are working with Doc Lounge in the Nordic countries have a lot to learn from the way CinéDOC-Tbilisi are working with documentary film screenings to create awareness about human rights. Georgia is a country that is changing dramatically right now, and in within these changes there is a hope for a more open and equal society to take shape. CinéDOC is working with documentary films as tools for change on many different levels, they arrange a big documentary festival once a year but they also arrange trainings for people working with social issues and NGO's to learn how to make films. We're very happy that we got some funding from Swedish Insitutet this year CinéDOC and Doc Lounge will arrange a training for young students who are interested in arranging film screenings in there home regions, because this is similar to what we do in the Doc Lounge Network. I believe we will have a really interesting exchange between Doc Lounge and CinéDOC-Tbilisi. For me personally Georgia feels like a magical country where time moves differently, life is much more colourful and intense here, my short time here already feels like years."

The Noosfera Foundation is committed to film and film education, organizing film screenings, film training initiatives and the first international documentary film festival in the Caucasus region -  CineDOC-Tbilisi. CinéDOC-Tbilisi in Georgia is the only international documentary film festival of the Caucasus region. The fifth edition of the festival will take place from May 11 to 16 2017 in the centre of Tbilisi. CinéDOC-Tbilisi is the first film festival in Georgia to be supported by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union and is followed by a year-long screening tour in all regions of Georgia, in the framework of CinéDOC-On Tour. 

In addition, the Noosfera Foundation, has created a very good database of documentary films (translated and subtitled or dubbed in Georgian). Due to the festival, the foundation has the screening rights for these documentaries that are award-winning films from Europe and other continents, dealing with human rights issues in a creative manner. Since 2016, the Noosfera Foundation, has initiated a regional film screening program. The Noosfera Foundation has already built up a network of very motivated regional coordinators who are willing to organize screenings in rural areas, in isolated little towns and villages and to discuss the topics of the film in their communities. However, these regional coordinators never benefited of a formal training, all their work is based on enthusiasm. There is a big need for training by partners coming from other countries that are successfully implementing similar film screening projects and reaching out to a broad audience. Bringing together the resources of the Georgian partner organization: network of motivated regional coordinators and big collection of documentaries, with the resources and expertise of Doc Lounge is the best possible way for transferring professional skills and for enhancing a culture of free speech as well as democratic values in Georgia.

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