Doc Lounge Official Selection Spring 2021

The following films make up the Doc Lounge Official Selection Spring 2021:

A SONG CALLED HATE | Anna Hildur | Iceland | 2020
EPICENTRO | Hubert Sauper | Austria, France | 2020
HOUSE OF CARDIN | P. David Ebersole, Todd Hughes | USA | 2019 | Swedish distribution by Doc Lounge
ONCE UPON A TIME IN VENEZUELA | Anabel Rodríguez Ríos | Venezuela, Brazil, United Kingdom | 2020

Additional films shown this season, not part of the Official Selection:

THE JUMP | Giedre Zickyte | Lithuania, Latvia, France | 2020 | Part of the Doc Lounge Official Selection Autumn 2020
SISTERS WITH TRANSISTORS | Lisa Rovner | United Kingdom | 2020

Please note: Not all Doc Lounge clubs will screen every film. Check your local Doc Lounge club for details or stay updated by checking our calendar.

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