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The Other Side

Natalia Almada, 70 min, MexicoUSA, 2005

The Other Side

Doc Lounge + Ambulante Stockholm

Doc Lounge och produktionsbolaget Story bjuder in den mexikanska filmestivalen Ambulante till ett fem dagars gästspel! Det kommer att bjudas på mexikanska dokumentärer runt om i Stockholm, mariachiband, digital cumbia, Skypeintervjuer med regissörer, fest och dans! Kväll nummer tre, torsdagen den 9 december är vi på ungdomshuset Lakeside i Haninge.

Q&A: Natalia Almada

Al Otro Lado (To the Other Side) tells the human story behind illegal immigration and drug trafficking between the U.S. and Mexico through the eyes of Magdiel, a 23-year-old fisherman and aspiring composer who dreams of a better life. For people south of the border, the “other side” is the dream of an impossibly rich United States, where even menial jobs can support families and whole communities that have been left behind. For people north of the border, Al Otro Lado sheds light on harsh choices that their neighbors to the south often face because of economic crisis.

As movingly chronicled in Al Otro Lado, Natalia Almada’s debut feature, the border is a place where one people’s dreams collide with another people’s politics, and the 200-year-old tradition of corrido music vibrantly chronicles it all. In fact, if you really want to understand what is happening on the U.S./Mexico border, listen to the corridos, troubadour-like ballads that have become the voice of people whose views are rarely heard in mainstream media.

I samarbete med Lakeside, SFI, Mexikanska ambassaden och Folkuniversitetet.