Doc Lounge Sundsvall

The Men's Room

A wonderful Norwegian male choir is getting ready to warm up for Black Sabbath and to sing the last verse for their conductor. A true audience favourite.

Every Tuesday, 25 men in their prime get together in a bar in Oslo to sing in a choir and drink beers. They have joked that they have promised to sing at each other's funerals  and now it looks like the choir's conductor will be the first to be sung out. The doctor has given him just a few months to live. Which is roughtly the time that the male choir has to prepare for its biggest gig to date: a warm-up job for Black Sabbath. The countdown has started, while both the cancer-stricken conductor and the wonderful lads in the choir try to keep their spirits high with songs about the hardships of middle-aged men, while they also prepare to say farewell to each other. The joy of singing and community help them to open up to each other and their feelings. Rarely has a film been so funny and touching, and you are both warmed on the inside and reduced to tears at the same time. 'The Men's Room' is a film that goes straight to the heart and stays there.