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The Bolivian Case

Violeta Blue, 80 min, BoliviaAustralia, 2015

The Bolivian Case - Trailer from UNITEDNOTIONS film on Vimeo.

The Bolivian Case

Livemusik - Ali Shah

Skype Q&A med regissör Violeta Ayala Blue efter filmen!

Flying out of Bolivia, three Norwegian teenaged girls are arrested with 22 kg of cocaine in their luggage. Thrown in jail, the young, beautiful girls immediately became tabloid fodder back home. But while all three were charged with the same crime, media images began to shape very different strategies of defense. Labels like “victim” and “naïve” are quickly attached to one, driving the first wedge between the front-page jailbird frenemies. Cue outrageous plots,including behind-bars pregnancies, illegal escapes and professional kidnappings—while the parties behind the plans turn out to be just as jaw-dropping. Combining the juiciest elements of reality TV and true-crime pulp fiction, The Bolivian Case is a sensational criminal exposé that sheds light on the increasing malleability of modern crime and punishment. 

“Instead of asking us to question the guilt or innocence of these women, Ayala asks us to confront how gender—and also race and class—affects how we assign guilt.” – Regan Reid (VICE)

‘It was intense, because you come to one person and believe that person, then you really believe the next person. But for me, this is a film about what truth is, really. Can truth exist? It all depends on who you believe.’” FilmINK 

“Sparkling documentary...The Bolivian Case portrays the modern-day trial-by-media, 
and what happens when real-life fates are decided by which stories will sell the most 
gossip-mag copies” – Anthony Carew


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Skype Q&A med regissör Violeta Ayala Blue efter filmen - med frågor från publiken! 

Livemusik - Ali Shah!

Skype Q&A med regissör Violeta Ayala Blue efter filmen!

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