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Over The Limit

Marta Prus, 73 min, Poland, GermanyFinland, 2017

Summer Party - Doc Lounge Aarhus presents "Over the Limit"

Doc Lounge Aarhus invites you to an evening dedicated to losing the daily stress while chilling with a film screening and some fun and games for the summer party of the season!

The intense ambition captured in Marta Prus’s brilliant documentary "Over the limit" portraits a Russian rhythmic gymnast, Margarita Mamun, on her road to the 2016 Olympics. A former rhythmic gymnast herself, filmmaker Prus seems to equally adore the exquisite physicality of the discipline and abhor the psychological torment that goes into it. 

"Over the Limit" takes an intimate look at the physical and mental struggles of Margarita, as she prepares for the ultimate challenge. Her trainer is relentless, and on the edge of a breakdown, Margarita is told: "You're not a human being, you are an athlete." 

The film portrays the beauty as well as the brutal hardship of elite gymnastics, and is sure to shock and fascinate, as we witness a beautiful young woman pushed well over the limits of physical and mental endurance in the pursuit of perfection.

Push or let go? Join us in investigating when to push and when it is over the limit.

Prior to the film screening, you can try different sports or chill and barbeque your own brought foods. 

After the film, we will have a talk with guests who have the insight to investigate when to push and where the limits are. 

PLACE: Sydhavn//frontløberne//Jægergårdsgade 154, Aarhus C
TIME: Thursday, June 14th. 

Schedule for the evening:
17:00: Door + bar open
17:10: Join the sports and games or chill with our "over the limit" summer drink. 
17:30: bring a grill or meat for the grills - first come, first serve 
19:00: Film screening: Over the Limit
20:15 Short break
20:30: When are you over the limits? Join the talk about borders and when to push and when to let go
21.00+/ - Chill, drinks and tunes

PRICE 50 kr. at the door - we accept cash and Mobile Pay. Likewise, we accept cash or Mobile Pay for the bar with good prices and different drinks. 

BRING some loose clothes, a picnic, some meat and veggies for the grills. 

Marta Prus / Over the Limit / 74 min / NL

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